About New Life

About ‘New Life’

Early Developments
New Life can trace its roots all the way back to a couple of terrible sketches of anthro characters I made one late night at my grandparent’s house in November 2015. Roughly a year or so prior to these sketches I had discovered a popular webcomic called Two Kinds (more on that later) and thought I’d like to try making something like that. I had made comics in the past during my middle school days (most are lost and quite frankly probably were terrible) and this new discovery of the ‘furry’ genre seemed to peak my interest for whatever reason. Roughly 1 week after those first sketches I decided I’d try my hand at actually creating some comic pages, unlike my previous comics this was going to have an over arcing story that would span several chapters. At the time I had only known about Two Kinds so I modeled my early stories after it. The first comic called “Different Kinds” lasted a whole 1.5 pages before being scrapped and the second comic called “Two of a Kind” or “RMS” lasted 16 pages. Both of these were plagued with problems and were basically beat for beat copies of the Two Kinds comic but that was no problem as I had no plans of actually releasing a comic at the time.  

3rd Time’s The Charm
The third and final version of the comic began in July of 2016 still under the title “RMS”, again this was a rehash of previous attempts with a few twists to make the story flow much better and feel less rushed. I still had no plans to release this comic to the public during it’s creation but after I had finished Chapter 1 I began to think otherwise. This however created a problem, the comic was still very much a Two Kinds copycat since I still had no idea what I was really doing… But I persevered anyways releasing the comic now titled ‘New Life’ to the internet in November of 2016 to little fanfare.
Since Then
Despite the comic’s shaky start I’ve been working very hard to make the comic its own thing after Chapter 1 and hopefully it’s working… Since then New Life has grown to numbers I couldn’t have ever imagined hitting 250,000 pages read in June 2020 and is getting very close to hitting 500,000 pages a little over a year later. Those numbers may not seem a lot to some of you reading this but honestly I’m humbled by the fact that anyone even bothers reading this thing I scribble out in my spare time.
For all that I have to say Thank You

About Me I guess I should include this
My name is Jake Kuda, I’m 25 years old at the time of typing this, I live in the country and I’m a car mechanic by trade. I’ve been drawing stuff since I was little (cars mainly), I really started drawing seriously around 2006 when I designed my own little car company complete with several different models. In 2007 I started drawing comics of some description and also began designing computer OS interfaces weirdly enough. The cars, comics and interfaces lasted up until around 2013 but by then my interest in those things had faded drastically. I took a little drawing break, became interested in furry art and the rest is history. I’m completely self taught and basically just make it up as I go along.
Everything is currently drawn in GIMP 2.8.20 and a Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 tablet.